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From the beginning I knew Alex was someone I can trust, since my friend recommended him. I was in the middle of wedding planning and I really didn't have much time to think about the honeymoon. With Alex it was just really simple. I told him my basic budget and what we wanted to do. He came back with a few offers. My now husband and I like things off the beaten path and Alex totally delivered finding us a nice surfer hotel by the beach and a nice luxurious place to stay in the Masai Mara. Overall we were super pumped about the holiday. Next time we go to Africa I would def. use Alex again.

Clare Wimmer

  Giraffes on honeymoon.
Leopard This was our second safari with Beach2bushKenya and Alex. We had another fantastic adventure with brilliant game viewing and photography. Beach to Bush was a great adventure and experience from start to finish. Our trip started in Diani and we travelled to Tsavo West, Tsavo East and Amboseli game reserves where we saw an abundance of plains game and predators as well as the natural beauty of the area and Mount Kilimanjaro in full glory on our last morning.
Alex did a great job and was able to connect with our teenage daughter and young son. Our eight year old boy enjoyed driving the vehicle down the long straight roads (on Alex's lap, off course). Alex kept everyone in our family entertained, informed and educated on our safari. If there was any question he could not answer immediately, he would go the extra mile, enquire from the game rangers or other knowledgeable people, and report back at either lunch or supper or the next morning while exploring the wilderness. Alex's knowledge of the flora and fauna, the paths to travel and where to find the best game was phenomenal. We will definitely be doing more trips with Beach2Bush and we can highly recommend Alex and his team to everyone interested in a personalized safari with a down to earth and experienced guide. We now count Alex as a friend and not just a guide!

Christo Schmidt | Production Manager

Beach to Bush was a great adventure and experience from start to finish. Our trip started on the beach in Diani and we travelled to Tsavo West game reserve where we saw an abundance of game as well as the natural beauty of the area.
Alex and his staff did a great job and Alex was able to connect with our teenage kids as well as their grandmother and kept everyone in our family entertained, informed and educated on our safari.
Alex's knowledge of the flora and fauna, the paths to travel and where to find the best game and game viewing points was fantastic. We will definitely be doing more trips with Beach2Bush and can highly recommend Alex and his team to everyone interested in a personalized safari with a down to earth and experienced guide.

Tommo and Jenni
  Tommo & Jenni
Leopard in the Masai Mara  

Our second safari with Beach2bushKenya and same friendly greeting from Alex on our arrival.We had another fantastic adventure with brilliant game viewing and photography. Alex found us the wild dogs in Tsavo West, hundreds of elephants in Amboseli and Mount Kilimanjaro in full glory on our last morning. The visits to local village and school were very emotional and rewarding. The cats in the Mara were spectacular, eleven leopard sightings in three days,2 with kills, cheetah and hyena with cubs, caracal cat, not forgetting the famous lions. So for a great safari and adventure with top guide in Kenya please book with Alex@ Beach2bush, you won't regret it.

Gill & Mick Holders

My first ever safari was a truly memorable experience and I know that this was only because of Alex being the fantastic guide that he is. He has a great personality and within minutes of meeting him it didn't feel like a customer/client relationship, it just felt like friends having fun. Out in the bush nothing is rushed, you go where you want when you want, and when you see other guides rushing their clients around, you will be so grateful you chose Alex.
Imagine enjoying a sundowner with the setting sun over your shoulder, a group of elephant in front of you and the snow capped peak of Kilimanjaro in the distance. It makes you glad to be alive. Choose Beach 2 Bush and that's what you can have. I can't wait to do it all again! Thanks Alex.

Simon Knight
  Simon Knight
Gill & Mick from Leicester   We have had many safaris in Africa over the last 15yrs, so when we decided to return to Kenya in March 2011, we were delighted to find Alexander Rostocil(Beach2Bush) and found the perfect person for our safari. We were greeted with a very warm welcome at Nairobi by Alex and soon found him to be a super guide, having a great sense of humour, made the game viewing interesting and fun, though always respectful of the wildlife, which showed his passion for his job and country. We stayed at some super lodges where Alex was always on hand if needed,nothing was ever too much trouble and he's not bad at taking photos either!. So all in all we made a very good friend and are now looking forward to our next safari in Nov.2011.

Gill and Mick Holders. Leicestershire,U.K.

We had the great fortune to have Alex Rostocil, Director and Owner of Beach2Bush Safaris, as our guide on a tour of Kenya and Tanzania. We were instantly captivated by his humor, charm, and wit. As our safari progressed, we discovered his incredible knowledge of the lands, the vegetation, the people and languages, and of course, the magnificent wildlife. Every day was new, exciting, educational, and absolute fun. We saw amazing diversity which made us hunger to see more. Alex worked hard to make our safari smooth and perfect and it was in every way. Not only is Alex a true professional, he is now also a friend for life.

Rob, Cheryl, Laurel, Jim, Scott, and Matt Robinson, Nebraska, USA

  At The Equator
Leopard on the car!  

Kenya was my favourite country in my much travelled childhood. This was my first return after 43 years. I wasn’t interested in anything superficial. Alex looked crazy enough so I said ‘n’dio!”  I believe my companion Gigi and I were Alex’s first safari clients in his brand new sparkling safari 4WD in 2001. He didn’t let us down, kicking off with a series of mud skids in pouring rain travelling north from Nairobi; and the remote bush road in Laikipia  which suddenly changed into a torrent– all good stuff – ending the first day as warmly welcomed guests at a private cattle ranch. I particularly recall one noon day trekking up an escarpment to a predator’s lair, unoccupied that morning, to stare in awe at charcoal and red ochre cave paintings which predated the Maasai, and from here witnessing an awesome vista of enduring ancient plains which predate the dawn of Mankind.
   There was the excitement of spotting a fresh paw mark of a large lion and wondering if it was close and observing us; the moonless night when we sat playing the mating calls of lions on an audio-tape, and hearing them pad out of the darkness towards our open-sided 4WD; and of course the next day there was the charging elephant. But Alex always keeps his cool. That’s how I have survived to write this testimonial.
Thoroughly recommended. Not for wimps or idiots enslaved to their mobile phones. That’s an insult to what Alex offers.

John Lind, Sydney, Australia.

The Mara was GREAT.  We had an awesome time!  I cant say enough for them. I would go back there in an instant. The food, guides, game viewing, and service were all great. It was all like clock work. The guides worked very hard to make sure customers were satisfied. They were all enthusiastic and pro-active during the drives to make sure we were having a good time. We saw unbelievable wildlife and took some great shots. We saw the big five over and over and there were no dull moments. I'd recommend you and Mara over and over.

A.Rodrigo, Texas

  Watching Giraffe

When we had the opportunity to participate in a very exclusive safari to Kenya through the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), is was a fulfillment of a long-standing desire to see some of world’s most amazing wildlife.  Our tour of five  Kenyan National Parks with nine other IFAW supporters
proved to be one of the most memorable trips of our lives.  The scenery, the back-stage workings of the Parks, the people of Kenya and, of course, the up-close observance of all the wildlife was fantastic, but without the insight of our tour guide, Alex , much would have gone unseen.  Alex’s in-depth knowledge and his obvious love for his country, along with his great humor made the trip a once in a lifetime experience.  We can strongly suggest that if anyone wants to visit Kenya, you must first contact Alex if you really want to see it.

Delma & Don Taylor
Ellicott City, Maryland USA


Alex is one of a kind. A fantastic guide who is very lovely with all people. Our twins, who were 5 at the time, had an absolutely brilliant time driving the landy down the dry river beds; well on Alex's lap - they have never forgotten it.
Everyone feels totally safe with Alex around on safari, as his knowledge of the bush is phenomenal. We were very impressed by the elephants, saw lions, hippos, many, many giraffes and loads of other creatures that, of course, Alex knew all the names of (perhaps word that a bit better!?)

We still count Alex as a friend now and long to return for another visit.

Jo Hailey, UK (

  Masai in Tha Mara

During the summer of 2009, we went on a safari in Kenya which was organized by IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, a wonderful organization which we support strongly. Happily, they chose Alex to be our guide on this safari. Although we have travelled very extensively internationally (around 60 different countries), we consider this to be our best vacation ever, due in no small part to our guide, Alex.

Alex is very intelligent, a person with whom you can have a stimulating conversation. He is interactive without being intrusive or overbearing, and he is an extraordinarily talented guide. We managed to see every animal I had hoped to see and then some, including a honey badger and a brown, spitting cobra!

When we return in East Africa, we will certainly request that Alex once again be our guide. He is the best of the best!

Henry and Kerrie Weinberg


I have been on three safari's with Beach to Bush Safari's and each time I have had such a fantastic experience that I did not want it to end. Alex's expert knowledge of the the land has got me close to many of Africa's iconic animals and one of the great features of these safari's is that you never feel rushed. Alex is quite happy to let you spend as much time as you like watching a herd of elephants, or just relaxing taking in the magnificent scenery. I would say it's a once in a lifetime experience, but it is such an enjoyabel experience I have been back three times!
And hopefully I will be back in 2011.

John Sims



Relaxing at Camp   Thanks again for all your kindness, guiding us safely through our adventures and leaving no stone unturned to make us feel at ease. Asante Sana!

We shall be looking to meet again whenever the occasion arises.

Inga and Jonas, Sweden
What can we say, FANTASTIC TRIP!
We had a great time and will never forget this trip.
I know S. and I will be back to Kenya. We have enclosed only a few photos, as we took over 5,000!
You and your firm put together a great package. Again, thank you!

E. & S. Phillips, California

Taking Photos

  It was by far the most amazing trip I've had in my lifetime... I had the most thrilling experience ever.
Thank you so much for making this trip so worthy...It was because of you and BEACH 2 BUSH that i could be a part of this experience...All the people on board were extremely nice and caring...I don't have words to express my gratitude...IT WAS THE BEST and YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST... Thank you all for making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience... Thanking you.

S. Jikar, Gujarat, India
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